10 Ways to Find Motivation

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Last week I went on vacation and my writing slump felt like it was coming to an end. Then I realized that maybe I hadn’t been paying enough attention to myself. Maybe I was neglecting what my body and mind needs. Suddenly, the school year was over and I was on a beach without a care in the world, enjoying the breeze, listening to my son’s laughter, my husband next to me, and inspiration hit. Sometimes we just need to take a breather and life becomes manageable yet again.

Now that I feel inspired, I want to keep that feeling. Here are my top ten ways to do so. Please feel free to use them. Or if you have ways that help you, please share! 🙂

  1. Make a date for  yourself. Literally. Set a time and pamper yourself. Be punctual. Prepare a special drink, nice snacks, and sit down to write. You deserve to be pampered so pamper yourself as you write what you love.
  2. Talk to your family and friends. Who knows?! They might give you that jump you need. Sometimes it is hard to discuss our hopes, dreams, and worries; however, sometimes, it actually helps. Try it. You might feel better and you might feel motivated to write once your worries are no longer just in your head.
  3. Make it “the usual.” My plan is to have a routine, routine, routine. I need to set that schedule of writing so that it is burned into my brain that it is writing time and to stick with that routine. It is hard as a teacher and a mother, but summer is summer…let the writing begin!
  4. Turn off electronics unless using them for your writing. Just do it.
  5. Be comfy. If that means writing naked, then by all means do so. If that means, wearing your PJs at 3:00 in the afternoon, then do it. Who cares! Just get comfy and write. I would advise against writing naked in a coffee shop though. Just sayin.
  6. Set a word count or time limit. You will feel accomplished in the end.
  7.  Calendar check off. I haven’t tried this but think it will help. After every writing session, write down your word count or check off that you wrote that day.
  8. Be kind to yourself. Rewards work on everyone so why not you?  I reward myself with reading or electronics or just laying around on the couch.
  9. Create a musical playlist. I am doing this today! All it takes is a little Guns N’ Roses to make me feel happy. So get your music ready and get to your writing.
  10. Just write. Sometimes, it is important to just break the rules. Forget all the 1-9 tips and just write. Write when you have inspiration, write when you don’t, write when you are waiting for your laundry, write when your child is watching a cute movie, write when you would normally be staring blankly at the television, write during your writing schedule …. just write. 

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