The summer after a covid school year

The last time I posted was quite a while ago. I stated how I was going to write more, journal more, etc., etc. Well, it didn’t happen. I totally own it. I completely underestimated the power of grief from losing my mother a year ago, being a mother of a son who is struggling with this school year, and being a teacher during this crazy time. Saying I underestimated is, indeed, an understatement in itself. I did write a little, I read a lot, and I just did what I could do to get by.

I know parents everywhere were pissed off as hell about in-person instruction or virtual instruction or that their child has not grown academically as much as they had wanted. Dude, I get it. I am a mom and a special education teacher, but I have never NEVER had a more stressful year. It was stressful for every single one of us.

So if you are a teacher, I see you and I appreciate you, because this year was like none other. We made it through the best we possibly could. If you are not a teacher, I see you as well. I know that this past year brought us struggles that we had never imagined. I hope that your world is getting better. Let’s all come together without judgement and wish each other happiness and joy.

Now take a much needed summer break and/or summer vacation and find YOU again. I hope to find ME again as well.

Do what makes you happy. I plan on reading more, writing more, continuing my yoga teacher training, and just relaxing to the fullest while I can. What makes you happy? What brings you balance?

Sending all of you positive vibes, hope, and many days in the sunshine. xo-jessie

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