Happy new year! Let’s remember 2020 instead of…

It is finally here 2021!!!

2020 seemed to spiral out of control with COVID, social distancing, virtual as well as in-person distanced mask-wearing school, my mother passing away, gaining weight from stress and ordering delivery, etc. I felt like 2020 would never go away.

Now that it is gone, I feel like I am almost a little sad…. cue hair metal band Cinderella. Don’t get me wrong, I am glad that 2020 is over; however, I think maybe instead of pushing that year to the curb and never looking back, perhaps we should do the opposite.

Perhaps we need to remember all the things and people we used to take for granted because once COVID hit, we realized how much we truly depend on so many people and things. If you were to take a moment to count or write down all the many people and businesses that you depend on for our daily living, it would take a while.

So let’s take 2021 and make it a year to be healthy, but also a year to be thankful. A year to remember all that we are thankful for and grateful for all the people, businesses, animals, etc. that we are dependent on, because it is truly a lot.


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