Apologies: A tale of truth

Hi Y’all,

It has been a LONG time. I have missed writing on my blog and writing in general. The past year has been a blur filled with frustration, love, misery, pain, anxiety, and fulfillment. A lot of emotions in a short time. I apologize for coming and going so often.

Five years ago, life just got difficult. When your rock (my mother) gets sick, slowly spirals down towards what can only be described as hell, you realize that life can be torturous. Hard for the person who is ill, hard for the people who have to help take care of them, hard for others to understand the situation, and hard for the little ones to see everything happening.

When COVID hit, my mother passed away. Dealing with schools shutting down, her death, and just the anxieties of COVID was a challenge. Who am I kidding? It is still a challenge. So here I am, a special educator, a grieving daughter, an overprotective mother, graduate student, yoga teacher-in-training, and a writer. I apologize for not being a constant, but I am learning…still learning to be in a world without my mother; learning to deal with being a teacher during a pandemic; learning how to be less overprotective with an almost teenager son; learning to be more than I am.

You can expect to see more of me.

Get ready world!

Photo by Mikhail Nilov on Pexels.com

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