I am a stress eater and dealing with COVID-19 and my mother’s death has meant chips, chocolate, and all the other yummies. I call it the QUARANTINE 15. I haven’t gained 15 pounds, but it sure feels like it. My jeans are tight around the waist and ass because I have been living in sweatpants and leggings. Pro tip for ya: slip on those jeans from time to time to make sure they fit…or you will end up like me: without any good clothes to wear.

Seriously though, I have been blessed with family and friends that have showed their love and support. They have sent different types of flowers (my best friend brought me my favorite: daisies), fruit, chocolate covered strawberries, cheesecake, and gourmet popcorn. Oh my….did I mention I am a stress eater?

I have been exercising as well. At first, it was because I need to lose weight. However, I quickly realized that exercise makes me and my grief feel a little better. I never thought I could be an exercise person because I lack motivation and self control. However, I have been exercising almost every week day for the past three weeks. I am loving how I feel when I am done. The YMCA has offered a lot of Les Mills classes. I have tried BodyCombat and I am IN LOVE. Truly in love even though I look incredible awkward. Hopefully in time, that will get better.

Do you have a favorite exercise class you have done online during this stay-at-home COVID 19 business? Please let me know. I am up for trying some new work-outs!


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