A Writer’s Kryptonite? None other than Self-Doubt Herself

Self-doubt is a powerful thing. She can make you believe that you are not capable of doing something; that you aren’t worthy; that no one will like what you create.

Self-doubt is a kryptonite like none other. She will devour you, spit you out onto the curb and wait for you to one day get your strength and courage up to walk away then will show her shiny, sharp teeth and take you out bite after bite. Self-doubt is truly a bitch.

Yesterday, I had three THREE people ask me for advice. THREE! Two of them were about self-doubt and what do do about it. I told them my thoughts and quickly realized that I need to tell myself these things, because self-doubt is back to her backstabbing bitchy ways.

  • Write down ideas that you want to write. Get your mind off of “Can I do this?” and just do it.
  • Write what you would want to read or what you would want to know. Stop worrying what other people think and just write what you love to write or read.
  • Do not base your decision on whether to continue writing or not. Keep writing only if you love it.
  • Write what makes you happy and not what might or might not make someone else happy.
  • If the writer is happy with the words then there is someone else out there that will love it as well. Write for you and that other person…NOT for the masses.
  • Most importantly, and the hardest to do, stop comparing yourself to others. Try to compare yourself to your old self. That is the only true comparison.
  • Last, but not least, just make yourself say something positive to yourself daily. Find something you like about yourself and your writing. Be positive and be confident.

Remember that feeling as a kid when you would dress up as your favorite superhero? Mine was Wonder Woman. I would dress up and twirl around as if I was Linda Carter changing into Wonder Woman. Focus on that feeling. We can be anything we want to be in life, but we can also be anything we tell ourselves. If you say you cannot do something, then you will fulfill those words internally.

I am a dork and proud of it. I am not the best writer, but I am working on being better every single day. I am not the best special education teacher, but I try my best, love my “kids” unconditionally, and I will always fight to make sure they are treated fairly.

My point? My point is that being the best is not really the goal.  Thinking positively and knowing that we all have strengths will bring out your inner super hero.  So put on that Superman shirt underneath your suit. Put on that big silver bracelet that reminds you of Wonder Woman. AND just BE your inner super hero.

Destroy that self-doubt once and for all.


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