Quarantine Life

The past two and half months, since schools closed, have been crazy to say the least. COVID-19 has really thrown us all for a loop.

The first week schools closed, I admit I was happy. Relieved even because it has been a tough school year. We all thought it was temporary so it felt like a two-week vacation. Then reality started to kick in and schools closed for the rest of the school year. Yikes. It was for real now. Now my son has spent 50 days of home-school, while I try to teach him and keep up with work-at-home as a special education teacher. It has been a struggle.

During that time, it has been crazy with masks…

…from slicing off a bit of my thumb while slicing potatoes to clearing out my work space at school. It feels weird to wear a mask. I hate it, but I do it.

This time away from work and away from coworkers/friends has been especially hard since I also lost my mother during all of this craziness. Alzheimer’s is the worst. We had to put my mother in a nursing home during this Quarantine which means we couldn’t see her at the end and it tore all of us apart inside.

My son and I brought white roses to her small graveside social-distancing ceremony and planted a rose bush outside our house in her memory. It has been a remarkably hard Spring.

I have tried to remain positive and have tried to do fun activities with my son and husband. I will be honest though..sometimes it is just painful to try to be in the moment. I just want to curl up and cry some days, but I don’t. I am not a cryer and I like to stay strong for my son as much as I can. I know it is good for him to see that I have emotions, and he does see that, but I also like to show strength. It is getting better now that school is coming to an end. It has been so stressful as a grieving mom, home-school teacher, and a special education teacher working from home……

As my mom always said:it is all in a day.


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