Beet healthy

Now that schools are closed, there are so many negatives and positives to being at home all day, every day.


  • It is hard to be a teacher and a work-from-home mom
  • I want to wear PJs every day
  • I have no routine


  • I have more time with my son
  • I get to wear PJs every day
  • I have no routine
  • I even have time to use my juicer and clean it

So there you have it. The positives win out by using my juicer.

All kidding aside, I do love my beet juice (pictured), but I do miss going to work and seeing my colleagues and my students. I feel so lucky to have a job and to be able to be there for my son. It has been hard losing my mother on top of this COVID-19 mess, but we are making it work.

I am sending all of you healthy thoughts as well. Stay safe, stay healthy, and stay at home (or wear a mask and sanitize if you have to go out).


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