The Internment Chronicles by Lauren DeStefano

You know you have found an author to hold on to when you read a trilogy she has written and feel heartbroken when it is over…simply because it is over. This has happened to me after each book of The Chemical Garden Trilogy which consists of Wither, Fever, and Sever.  Those books left me feeling as if I had lost close friends. I couldn’t put the books down and when they were all over, I felt sad. That is when I wrote down the author’s name for future use. Lauren DeStefano.

Good thing I did.

Lauren DeStefano’s next trilogy called The Internment Chronicles does not disappoint either. My favorite book is the first one, Perfect Ruin. You are immediately put into a world you997a59f8-37e1-4527-a885-8ca63be04cec cannot imagine at first. A world which is on a floating island. A world where you are told who to marry, what job you will have, when you can have children, and when you will die. There is much much more, such as the mysterious deaths, the edge of the “world” that you must not go near or there will be many consequences, the strange ground underneath the floating island, and, of course, love.

What I love about this trilogy, is that a part of me wants more of the love triangles and romance, but you don’t get it. It isn’t about that and I love it. I love that these books don’t need it. You may want it. Judas where are you? But the books are about this other world and finding your independence within you. You leave these books feeling proud of Morgan, the main character. You leave this trilogy feeling like it ended the way it should have ended. You leave these books wondering what will become of these people…even though they are just fictional characters in books, you feel as if you know them. That is a beautiful thing in a book. To be so engulfed in a book that you feel empty when it is over.

This review does not give details for that would give away too much of the trilogy. Instead, you get the most important part of them: feelings. I judge a good book by how I feel when I am reading it and how I feel when it is over.

These books made me feel as if I couldn’t sleep for I need to read more; I couldn’t wait to start the next one so be sure to get all three at once; These books left you feeling empty inside and wanting more…

waiting for more…

waiting for the next book by Lauren DeStefano.







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