Summer Reading

As a special education teacher, it is always bittersweet when summer finally arrives. I am beyond ready for the break from IEPs, meetings, and SOL drama. However, the thought of leaving “my 1345dd2bf88196ac03c7636ebe9d3db0kids” is heartbreaking. I call them “my kids” not because they are “sped” but because during those 9-10 months of school I spend so much time with them helping them in their subjects, helping them with their testing anxiety, chatting about their days, giving morning hugs as they walk in the front door from the bus and receiving afternoon hugs as they rush by me to leave school for the day. Some are not “sped”, some are. It really doesn’t matter. They are all reminders of why teachers teach.

There are some years that are harder than others. There was one year where my kids were behaviorally needy so if I was out sick, they would act up. I remember one day, I had to have outpatient surgery. My only thought while the IV was being hooked up was not of the pain or my fear of “going under” (and not waking up)…my thoughts were of a specific student and just hoping that he was going to have a good day since I could not be there. I still think of him, and all my previous students, from time to time…just hoping that they are all happy and doing well.

This past school year, the kids were not “needy” behaviorally. They were amazing, funny, and each “needy” in their own way (some needed help writing, some had trouble decoding, some needed many reminders to stay on task, etc, etc.). The point is that they made me laugh and smile every single day. It was heartbreaking when school ended because that was the end of our time together. I will see them next school year in the halls, but that is it.

It is always hard as a teacher. You put your heart into your job..but your job is working with children so once summer comes, the children go and it feels like there is no closure. The children move on and, yet, years later, a teacher will still be able to tell the names and personalities of their past students.


Now that it is summer and I am home with my sweet boy. All is better. I love that I get extra time with him to really enjoy our days together. He is my reason for everything. There is much to do: pool, beach, theme parks, nature trails to walk, and my all time favorites: writing and reading. As soon as summer is near, I start checking out books from the library for my son and I.  We both love picking out books together.


So this summer, I have decided to start blogging my reviews of these books. I will do both children’s books and the books that I read just for myself, which range from young adult to horror. I can’t wait so I hope you are excited too!

Let’s get reading!! ❤



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