“A Different Texture of Reality”

Ten years ago, my sister was watching 20/20 or Primetime News and saw a story that immediately made her think of me. The story was about people whose senses seem to be blended: people who taste color, see certain numbers in color, “see” words they say, etc.

Finally, I now had a name for my “different texture of reality”… Synesthesia.

Just a few weeks before this show, I had been in a conversation with a fellow teacher and somehow mentioned that I saw her words differently. She looked at me strange and asked what I meant. Well, I meant what I said: I meant that I misheard her because her words got scrambled in my head with the words of others who were also in the room talking. This was the conversation that caused me to realize I was different.

I was flabbergasted to realize that I didn’t think like everyone else. How was I to know that not everyone “sees” the words they say and the words everyone else says?

How do you know that you think “normal”?

Seeing Life in Colors

In the past ten years, I have tried to embrace this “gift” and have gone from embarrassment to pride. However, I still choose which friends to tell that “I see words” because whether I am proud or not, their reaction is one of two things: curiosity or judgmental

AND sometimes I just don’t feel like dealing with either one.

Recently though, I decided that it was time to truly take charge; it was time to be open about it and celebrate it. I needed to show my son that everyone should be proud of who they are..no matter what. Everyone has their talents, their different ways of thinking, things that they are are good at and things that they struggle with. It is important to be proud of those differences. It is important to celebrate your own uniqueness.

I have always wanted to write children’s books, but every time I tried..it just didn’t work out. I decided to try again. I always tell my son to “never give up” so I had to follow my own advice. It finally came together in a way that I was finally completely happy with.

I am now happy to announce that my first children’s book is now out!!  

I am unbelievably excited (and scared) to share this book. Please feel free to leave comments and/or reviews. I truly hope you and your children enjoy it. I know my son does and even sleeps with it under his pillow! ❤

Let’s celebrate being unique! 

The Girl Who Saw Words





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  1. I found out today that my 10 year old daughter has this. We’ve ordered your book!
    She is too anxious to attend school at the moment but she doesn’t know why and is under the child mental health team. Do you think it may be connected to TTS?


    1. Hi! I am so glad you ordered the book; please do tell me how you like it! I cannot say if your daughter’s anxiety at school is related to TTS or not. I will say, from my own experience, that it can be SO overwhelming and/or frustrating to no end if someone is talking very fast around me, if there are many people talking at once, etc. A good example is something that just happened this week: at work, someone was talking to me while the morning announcements were playing, it took all my energy to be able to hear what the person is saying because all the words that were being said (the person in front of me and the person on announcements) were jumbling together… so even at my age of 42, it can be so overwhelming or exhausting that I want to cry. That doesn’t happen very often, but sometimes it does. Perhaps some strategies for how to deal with those feelings would be beneficial for your daughter. I literally have to excuse myself to the bathroom where it is silent and I just take a few deep breaths to recenter myself. Then on with my day! 🙂 Please let me know if you or she have any questions, I am glad to be of any help. ❤


  2. Thanks so much for sharing your experience.
    I’m picking up the book on Thursday and can’t wait to read it. My little girl has so much going on in her head and I think the book may enable her to verbalise how she’s feeling.
    I’ll let you know how it goes.
    Blessings to you x


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