My Year in Books..the end of 2015

Every January, Goodreads asks about a reading goal. Every January, I type in my book number and start a list of books to read. Today, I looked back at the books from 2015 and realized that (1) I didn’t read enough books and (2) I forgot to put some books on Goodreads, but I still didn’t read enough. 

As a mom, writer, and a teacher,  I have limited time to read. Sometimes I choose young adult books because I can quickly get through them. Although sometimes I prefer them because I just truly enjoy them. As you can see, the Iron Queen series took ahold of me in 2015. Also, if you didn’t read The Girl on the Train OR Doctor Sleep. Go! Run! Read!


Goodreads – MY YEAR IN BOOKS

In 2015, I had hoped to have another book published. That didn’t happen, but that is ok. When my book is ready to publish, then it will be ready. I will just keep working on it until it tell me that it is ready.

With all that said,  I have just 4 goals for 2016.

  1. Take care of self (exercise, eat healthy, relax, etc.)
  2. Finish my current book and publish it.
  3. Continue writing on the next project (plans are being written).
  4. Read 50 books (and remember to update Goodreads).

So basically the plan is to try to be the best mom, wife, teacher, writer, and reader that I can be.  Simple. ds_img_direct



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