Sayonara Thirties!!

This is the last week of my thirties and good riddance! I used to think my thirties were the best decade: I got married, bought a house, fell in love with teaching, self-published two books, was given an awesome opportunity to go to San Francisco for a photo shoot (DHC customer spotlight), and had the miracle of my son who makes me smile and laugh EVERY single day. photo

However, there were also MANY mistakes made throughout those years. I regret nothing, because mistakes make you stronger; mistakes make you learn; mistakes are just inevitable. 

I know many people dread the big 40, but I can’t wait. I am ready to bring on a new decade and see what happens. If anything, it is invigorating like a new start.  Bring it on I say!


There are a few things I wish I had done before I turned 40 like have more kids (but the universe said otherwise), publish more books (but if it isn’t ready to publish then I cannot force it), and be more fit (PiYo is slowly doing the trick).

Those unfinished things don’t bother me is what you make it. If you cannot have kids, then adopt or be fine with it. If your book isn’t ready to publish, then keep working at it. If your life isn’t what it should be, then fix it. If you doubt yourself and compare yourself to others (that seems to define my twenties and some of my current writing days), then learn to stop because everyone has issues; everyone has doubts; NO ONE is perfect. The trick is to always work on making yourself better..for YOU and no one else but YOU. Compare yourself only to your past self because that is the only comparison that makes sense.fileproxyAND TOMORROW ONLY, treat yourself to both of my books free! I LOVE both of these, but the next one will be even better than these two, because we can only get better with time.  😉



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