Guilty Writer

Guilt is in everything I do. Why? I am a mother, teacher, and a writer. Anytime that takes me away from my son leaves me feeling guilty. I envy those mothers that don’t have this mom guilt. I truly do. Maybe I have so much guilt because I always wanted to be an at-home mom of over four kids and now I am a working mom of one child. I feel bad that I have to work. I feel bad that my son doesn’t have any siblings. I feel bad when I want to take time for myself to be with friends or take an exercise class or go writing because that is time that I am away from that only child. Pure guilt.

11393005_10206932626858550_7877980549680422883_nunnamed (1)


And then after taking time to meet a friend of mine for coffee and writing reminded me that it is alright to take time out for myself. My friend and I talked, laughed, and talked some more…never quite getting to the writing part, but that is ok. Our conversations and our laughter is priceless.

Sometimes we need to remember that it is ok to be yourself. Being myself helps me be a better mom. Taking time to do the things I love such as writing, exercising, kayaking and a good hour or two here and there with good friends is helping me remember who I am. My son needs a balanced mother and not one that loses herself. It is important to just be you.



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