Summer Goals

Summer is my time to destress from a school year. As a special education teacher, my patience is tested throughout the year as I help students deal with their emotions, academic struggles, and just getting through the day. I love my job, but I do need the summer to be myself again.

This time of the year is greatly needed. My son and I love our time together. We have lazy mornings, snuggle time, videogame time, but we also have reading, non-technology time, and just good old-fashioned time together outside at the park, pool, beach, and, of course, our back yard. ❤

Summer is also my time to find my creative side again. Some school years take it away a bit as my mind focuses on IEPs, lesson plans, and meetings. So this summer I am so excited to let my imagination come out again. To do that, I have set some goals for myself:

  • Make time to read.
  • Write every day.
  • Create a rough draft children’s book for each week of the summer.
  • Blog weekly.
  • Read more.

This is my first full week of the summer. I am so excited to just read, write, and have fun. Until next time…

Someone Else’s Love Story


So far this summer, I have read one full young adult trilogy (The Internment Chronicles), two books in a young adult series (Red Queen Series) and impatiently waiting for the third, am currently reading Six of Crows (young adult yet again), and I also read the book pictured above (Someone Else’s Love Story by Joshilyn Jackson). It is the only book that I have read this summer that isn’t classified as “Young Adult”. My summers are full of having fun with my son so I usually pick books that I can easily read, plus Young Adult has it all: action, love, romance, supernatural, etc, etc.

I am a special education teacher so during the school year, depending on IEP meetiimgres-1.jpgngs, other caseload and class responsibilities, I might not have time to read for myself. Summer is when I do that. At the end of the last school year (which means just this past May), a friend at work said “You have to read this book!” I don’t usually read romance or drama so the book isn’t one I would pick just from the cover. I just don’t enjoy them. She went on about how one of the characters has Aspergers, yet that is not what the book is focused on. Sure, they mention it here and there, but it isn’t the main focus. This got me intrigued. I still didn’t read it until mid Summer, but once I did, I couldn’t put it down.

As a teacher, I absolutely just adore how the author popped in the Autistic characteristics and work that psychologists do to help those on the Autistic Spectrum. She even included a children’s book that has been helpful in those cases as well. She did this in such a way that it made the characters more lovable and easier to relate to.

As a mother and as a lover of books, this one is a definite read. I do not want to give more details because for me, going in blind was the best. I was so pleasantly surprised by this story and it immediately grabbed my attention from the beginning. Trust me. It is nothing like you think. Just read the first two chapters and you will be hooked. ❤