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Take the Plunge and Jump into the Flash Fiction Challenge

Flash fiction or short stories? I used to get confused on which is which. It is my understanding that flash fiction is a straight to the point writing that is no more than 1,000 words, while a short story can go into more depth but it can be up to 15,000 words. The word limit doesn’t mean much to me. I think as long as you enjoy the writing (and reading) then the technical part of is it flash fiction or short story doesn’t matter as much.  And since I love reading and writing both…why not take the plunge?

983707_10204282913177364_6379037062214518146_nLast summer, I published a short stories/flash fiction book STORIES AFTER DARK so when I saw a chance to enter in a flash fiction challenge…I jumped. The idea of being given a topic, a certain word or words to include in the story, and a strict deadline is so appealing. I love a good challenge.

Even if I don’t win, or even come close, the feedback I will get from my writing during this challenge will be everything to me. I am not the best writer and I hope I never am, because I always want to be better than I am. The same goes with being a teacher. I will never believe or feel or say that I am the best teacher I can be. There is always room for improvement…always.

This summer, I am working on a children’s book and I hope to be finished within a month. The timing couldn’t be more perfect! I am beyond excited to begin this new writing challenge at the end of July.

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Guilty Writer

Guilt is in everything I do. Why? I am a mother, teacher, and a writer. Anytime that takes me away from my son leaves me feeling guilty. I envy those mothers that don’t have this mom guilt. I truly do. Maybe I have so much guilt because I always wanted to be an at-home mom of over four kids and now I am a working mom of one child. I feel bad that I have to work. I feel bad that my son doesn’t have any siblings. I feel bad when I want to take time for myself to be with friends or take an exercise class or go writing because that is time that I am away from that only child. Pure guilt. Continue reading → Guilty Writer

Where would we be without books?

  I love reading. Reading has been at times my escape, my companion, my teacher and my seducer (did you read Fifty Shades of Grey?!  That is all.)  However, I was raised by a mother who adores to read and a father who openly hates school and hates to read. Ironically my mother (the parent that loves reading) grew up with severe dyslexia. She taught me to never give up and to always go after your dreams.  Continue reading → Where would we be without books?

Save the Puppy


As a teacher, it is bittersweet that the school year has come to an end. I absolutely adore my students and their parents. I truly do. Due to being a career changer, I (at times) feel like I don’t fit in with the “meant-to-be” teachers. They always knew they wanted to be a teacher. I love that about them. Though I am much older than some (I still can’t believe that I will be four decades old this year!), I feel like I am younger at times. Strange, but true. They know what they want to do for the rest of their life and have known since they were kids. I, on the other hand, am the opposite. I have many passions in life: teaching, writing, creating fun or pretty cakes, drooling over Johnny Iuzzini (joking..maybe!) and am always thinking what else can I do?! Continue reading → Save the Puppy

Hello yet again world!

I have abandoned many blogs in my years. I have come back to wordpress and I hope to stay. Maybe I get bored; maybe I cannot find exactly what I want and refuse to settle; maybe I am a bit crazy? Who knows.

For those of you that don’t know me…I am a writer, teacher, mother, daydreamer, hopeless romantic, horror obsessed reader AND a future (if not already) cat lady.

Thank you if you have followed me from blog site to blog site. I love you.