Journaling through life

Remember the good ol’ days when, as a child, we would write all our hopes, dreams, embarrassing moments, crushes, parent woes, etc. in our diaries? If you didn’t, then you missed out on unleashing all your thoughts onto paper then hiding them as if no one could ever find them. My diary back then had a special lock on it that I am sure could not be broken into by anyone! (HEAVY on the sarcasm here)

I have recently started to write in a diary..I mean “journal” (as I am an adult so we must use the correct terminology! haha! ) and I had forgotten how therapeutic it can be. I don’t put all the silly teenager stuff like I did 20-30 years ago; however, I haven’t changed too much. I still have my crush on Ed Harris and I still procrastinate with cleaning my room.

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Journaling has helped me think about what is important in life. Trust me, if you start hand writing about the look that someone may or may not have given you earlier that day, you soon start to realize that the look isn’t important. Who wants to waste that hand writing on something so trivial? (BTW, that didn’t happen…it was just a silly example. I wouldn’t even notice a “look” at work anyways… too busy working! Teacher life during a pandemic is no joke people.)

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By taking the time to write something down, you start to realize that the little things can be left to the curb, they aren’t worth it. I have started writing down my goals, my wants and needs in life and am trying to make them happen. So if you are struggling with every day life, maybe grab a notebook or go buy yourself a fancy journal, and just write about anything. It can be a relief to just write down your feelings without having to worry about your partner, sibling, friend, etc. taking offense to something you are saying. It can be a relief to just get it off of your chest.

Happy journaling! May your days be better each day!


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  1. I love journalling and I do it every day, only because I find that the act of putting pen on paper does slow the mind down, and that’s a good thing for me because it gives me respite from the zooming thoughts in my head. Thanks for this post!

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